Interoperability and K-12 School Security
Supporting Documents

02/29/12 2:00 PM to 02/28/13 2:00 PM EST


Without interoperable communications at Columbine High School in 1999, first responders were unable to save the day. Littleton Public Schools in Colorado now uses crisis communications to provide superior school safety for each of its 15,506 students. District security head Guy Grace shares his communications best practices and innovations that have drawn attention at the State Capitol and helped prompt Colorado to pass a bill last year that includes all schools in the state's interoperable communications network. Joining Guy in this exclusive Security and SDM Magazine webinar is Patrick Hobby, technology presenter at the Governor's signing of the bill, and developer of the system behind SchoolSafe, the network that coordinates school response during any type of emergency and turns victims into victors. In 45 minutes, you will learn how Colorado's school safety network is enabling success with its unique insights into school emergencies, funding, school safety teams, and community partnering. Stay to the end to have Guy and Patrick answer your own questions and to gain access to the core documents that led Colorado to be the first in the nation to establish interoperable communications in schools.

In this 45-minute session, followed by 15 minutes of live Q&A, attendees will:

  1. Learn about how to implement and manage a district-wide two-way radio communications plan.
  2. Learn the difference between operability and interoperability, and how to achieve both.
  3. Learn about the use of two-way radio, NIMS and the Incident Command System for schools.
  4. Learn about training, tabletops, radio checks, roll calls, delegations, and logistics using two-way radio.
  5. Learn who to partner with, how to get grants, and how to fund operable and interoperable communications.
  6. Learn about the new technology called SchoolSafe 360.

Download Documents:

Note: Documents will be posted here over the next few days. Check back for more!

  1. Webinar PowerPoint Presentation
  2. The Need for Interoperable Communications in Schools
  3. Schools Find Role in National Emergency Communications Plan
  4. Security Innovations Today and Tomorrow (Guy Grace)
  5. New SWAT Tactics for School Shootings
  6. What Is Interoperable Communications in Schools? SB11-173 At-A-Glance
  7. Safe School Act Communications Review and Drill
  8. Multihazard Emergency Planning for Schools
  9. Introduction to the Incident Command System for Schools
  10. Incident Radio Communications Plan (ICS Form 205)
  11. Communications List (ICS Form 205A)
  12. Communications Specific Tabletop Exercise Methodology
  13. Sen. Steve King Task Force Memo - Funding
  14. Communications Funding Announcement
  15. Interoperability Business Case - Ongoing Local Funding


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