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Package helps schools comply with Oregon House Bill 2062

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PublicSchoolWORKS offers a suite of online training and reporting tools for staff, new hires, students and parents to prevent and identify child abuse and sexual misconduct as required by Oregon law.

CINCINNATI, June 16, 2010 -- With the deadline for complying with HB 2062 quickly approaching, Oregon schools can now easily meet the requirements of the law with PublicSchoolWORKS' HB 2062 Compliance Bundle, a combination of online training and reporting tools for staff, new hires, students and parents.

The bundle includes:

  • Sexual Misconduct -- Staff to Students (Oregon HB 2062), an online training course covering the prevention and identification of child abuse and sexual misconduct, the obligations of school employees to report child abuse and sexual misconduct, and a description of the information and records that will be disclosed if a report of suspected child abuse or sexual misconduct is substantiated. In addition, PublicSchoolWORKS has developed the custom "Parent InfoCenter" to help school districts make the training available to parents and legal guardians. This is the same training provided to school employees as required by the law.

  • The Staff Misconduct Reporting System (SMRS), an online system that allows school employees to report suspected child abuse or sexual conduct to the employee's supervisors or other persons designated by the school board.

  • PublicSchoolWORKS HB 2062 Poster -- a poster for every building that highlights all required information for reporting incidents. In addition, the poster includes details for reporting via the Staff Misconduct Reporting System.

  • The Compliance Management System (Non-Training), an automated system that generates, communicates, tracks and documents tasks, including the annual posting of the HB 2062 Poster in all school buildings as required by the law.

The Law, which goes into effect on July 1, 2010, states that districts need to provide and enroll staff in training for the prevention and identification of child abuse and sexual misconduct. In addition, the course should be well publicized to parents and legal guardians. Another part of the law requires districts to provide mechanisms for reporting issues of child abuse and sexual misconduct by staff or others. Through PublicSchoolWORKS' reporting system, each incident report is tracked from submission through investigation.  Because the system is Web-based, any administrator, teacher or staff member can submit a concern from any computer where there is Internet access. 

PublicSchoolWORKS helps districts nationwide implement comprehensive safety and compliance management programs. The HB 2062 Compliance Bundle is part of the EmployeeSafe Suite, an automated online safety program that facilitates timely and consistent administration of safety training, regulatory compliance and accident management for school personnel.

According to Tom Strasburger, Vice President of PublicSchoolWORKS, "Meeting the requirements of new laws can be difficult for school administrators. Our automated system makes meeting the new requirements of HB 2062 effortless and helps administrators know they are doing everything they can to ensure the safety of students."


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